Wind River Expands Partnership with United States Air Force with Successful Evaluation of Wind River Studio

Wind River Expands Partnership with United States Air Force with Successful Evaluation of Wind River Studio

We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD) and collaborate with the United States Air Force (USAF) DevSecOps Real-Time/Embedded Systems Working Group (a.k.a. Team 8) to  complete a comprehensive evaluation of Wind River Studio. Studio can help teams modernize and transform the development, deployment, and operation of next generation mission-critical systems geared for a more intelligent world.

Felix Cortez, Software Engineering Manager and Team 8 Lead based at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, OK, stated: “The evaluation exceeded our expectations, and we clearly see the value that Wind River Studio can bring to our development process with cloud-native approaches and software pipelines that provide scanning, building, and functional testing in a simulated environment to fully take advantage of DevSecOps and modernize the USAF missions. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Wind River, and to engaging with other teammates across the DoD / USAF around Studio.”

Team 8 draws from the expertise resident within the 76th Software Engineering Group (SWEG) Xanatos Gambit team, and cooperates with software factories and programs across the DoD / USAF. One of their focus areas entails taking embedded software concepts and creating practical implementations that may be transitioned to benefit existing, emerging, and future defense systems. They were the first organic Air Force team to incorporate automated testing of embedded systems using hardware emulation with the full system simulator Wind River Simics, a part of Wind River Studio.

As the world evolves towards a more intelligence-driven future, teams will continue to be pressed to accelerate their innovation for a cloud-connected and intelligent systems world. The-long standing partnership between Wind River and all the Services across the DoD is foundational to our efforts across the aerospace & defense sector, a key market for Wind River.

The feedback we received from the USAF team was very valuable and can inform the evolution of Studio, which delivers a flexible and collaborative cloud-native platform that enables dramatic improvements in productivity, agility, and time-to-market, with seamless technology integration that includes far edge cloud compute, data analytics, security, 5G, and AI/ML.

The aerospace and defense market currently has the highest urgency to build the most complete intelligent systems. Recent research from Forbes indicated 86% of A&D executives believe more than 50% of their embedded products/solutions will be designed to be used on the far edge. The next generation of cloud-connected intelligent systems will need to securely capture and process real-time machine data with digital feedback from a multitude of edge systems.

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