Wind River Lifecycle
Services for Zephyr RTOS

Innovate faster, stay ahead of what’s next. Wind River is your Zephyr Project partner. Our RTOS experts can help you develop the right-fit solution for your real-time use case.


Your Success Is Our Success

As a founding member of the Zephyr Project and a prominent open source leader, Wind River® collaborates with software project teams spanning industries, enabling accelerated, tailored, and streamlined development processes across the complete software lifecycle, from inception to deployment.

Wind River provides a comprehensive range of customized Zephyr RTOS services options designed to seamlessly supplement your team’s capabilities. With our assistance, you can expand your team’s skill set, receive expert guidance, augment your project staff, and enhance your influence within the Zephyr Project community, all of which will significantly accelerate the innovation of your embedded design.

Your success is our success.

Accelerate Your Path to Zephyr Project Success

Augment your staff
  • Design planning
  • Real-time tuning, optimization
  • Driver development, updates
  • CVE and defect monitoring, management
  • BSP and custom drivers
  • Long-term support
  • Architectural assessment
  • Open source license and IP compliance identification
  • Security threat analysis
  • Compliance remediation
EXPAND your Influence
  • Trusted advisor
  • Community influencer
  • Advocate for features and roadmaps
  • Ongoing community engagement

Innovate Faster