Over-the-Air Updates

Wind River Studio Over-the-Air Updates provides remote and secure orchestration and automation of multi-device software updates to help you manage your fleet of devices through the cloud.

Achieve reliable, automated deployment of your latest applications during all stages of your continuous development, deployment, and operation lifecycles.

Accelerate time-to-market, extend product lifespan, roll out the latest security updates, and eliminate expensive recalls with over-the-air (OTA) software updates to embedded devices.

Multi-unit Support for All Update Types

Create and manage campaigns to deploy updates to numerous devices at once with support for OS kernel, software (SOTA), firmware (FOTA), and configuration (COTA) updates.

Complete Visibility

Gain full-scale traceability with logging, real-time monitoring, and notification of update status at all times.

Integration with Studio Pipelines

Automate your OTA deployment by integrating updates into existing pipelines and workflows.

Integration with Studio Virtual Lab

Test your OTA update deployment on virtual devices by accessing them through Virtual Lab.

Certificate Management

Generate unique security certificates for each of your devices for improved device identification and access control.

Studio Digital Feedback Loop

Deploy data gathering software over the air to create digital feedback loops, enabling real-time data collection and feedback from your edge devices.

Update and maintain devices in the field

In a rapidly evolving, software-driven landscape, timely and effective OTA software updates are crucial after deployment, and they provide numerous value-added benefits to your system.

With Studio Over-the-Air update tools, you can accelerate time-to-market and extend product lifespan by providing continuous support and improvements to intelligent devices through performance enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches. You can even add monetizable features to create new revenue opportunities.

Experience seamless integration of Studio workflows with existing infrastructure

The Studio Over-the-Air updates framework is designed to provide a common user experience with the rest of Studio’s development, testing, and deployment environments. Teams can simplify processes by incorporating OTA updates into existing workflows. Test your Studio Over-the-Air update deployment in Studio Virtual Lab and take advantage of Studio Pipelines integration to enable automated deployment.

With Studio Over-the-Air Updates, you can easily utilize open APIs in architecture, custom application development, and enterprise integration for simplified and straightforward collaboration with your strategic partners.

Finally, use Studio Over-the-Air Updates to deploy Studio Digital Feedback Loop software to empower your edge devices with real-time data collection and feedback capabilities.

Enhanced end-to-end security

With Studio Over-the-Air updates, protect your devices and data with robust security features. Eliminate the risk of expensive recalls with the ability to quickly and remotely remediate critical issues and vulnerabilities through the cloud. Security features include end-to-end encryption for all OTA traffic, from the server to the target, as well as certificates-based mutual authentication in both directions through public key infrastructure. Studio Over-the-Air Updates can also enable generation of unique security certificates for each system device, making it easier to track and manage their access and interactions within the network.

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