Managed Services

Offload management and servicing tasks for your foundational intelligent edge software so you can focus on your product’s value-added features and capabilities.

Work with the industry leader to deploy your intelligent edge systems.

Managed services supply non-core engineering work that is necessary but ties up valuable resources. Managed services engineering experts can also work on areas where the in-house team has little or no experience.

Wind River Studio Managed Services

Studio Linux Services

Wind River® Studio Linux Services delivers embedded Yocto Project Linux platform solution design, implementation, security, and lifecycle management capabilities that help you reduce your open source project risk while accelerating time to application deployment.

Custom Content

We maintain your Wind River Linux or VxWorks® unique software platform build, customizing the hardware BSP and runtime. Benefit from bug fixes, security patch monitoring, and dedicated access to Wind River experts.

Frozen Branch Maintenance

We maintain an older version of Wind River Linux or a VxWorks code branch and provide current bug fixes and security patches.

Binary Release

We build and maintain Wind River Linux or VxWorks code and provide fully tested binary images ready for deployment, with source code and assistance with new development work.

Legacy Projects

We support legacy projects, whether or not they use Wind River software.

Studio Developer Managed Services

Wind River Studio Developer is offered with a set of managed services to accelerate the adoption and integration of Studio Developer as well as to manage cloud infrastructure, operate the environment, and maintain the security of the development platform through updates and upgrades.

Wind River Studio Linux Services

Studio Linux Services delivers an embedded Linux platform solution customized to your specific needs. Available services include design, implementation, security management, compliance management, and performance optimization to help you reduce your open source project risk. You can lower your total cost of ownership and focus your valuable resources on innovation that differentiates your product from the competition. Learn more »

Wind River Studio Linux Services

Trusted partner

Trusted partner

Relying on proven technologies while outsourcing chosen development and operational processes is a strategy that successful companies embrace in order to compete.

Global footprint and expertise

Technical experts can provide immediate short- and long-term assistance with projects at any stage of development and deployment.

 Certified capabilities

Certified capabilities

Wind River services have been recognized with Service Capability and Performance (SCP) certification, the gold standard in customer support.

Studio Linux Services Case Studies

Studio Linux Services Case Studies

See how Studio Linux Services has helped real customers achieve real results.

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