Supporting Pioneering Research and Teaching Courses

The Wind River® University Program allows faculty and students at colleges and universities to use state-of-the-art operating systems, platforms, middleware, and development tools to enrich their research efforts and teaching courses to foster advances in embedded technologies and intelligent edge systems.

How the Program Works

Donated licenses are for nonprofit educational use by full-time students and professors and may be used for the following:

  • Courses that teach embedded systems and IoT concepts
  • Graduate and undergraduate projects for engineering and non-engineering courses
  • Academic research activities with publicly available results
  • Graduate student theses

Guest Speakers

In addition to donating products, Wind River offers to provide an expert to lead an instructional class about the technology related to your project.

Applying to the University Program

To apply for Wind River product donations to your academic program, please complete the application and email it to*

Teaching or Research Application
Export Compliance

For both teaching and research programs, any applicant from countries not exempt from export screening controls** must fill out an Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative (EPCI) form. Please learn more about our export compliance requirements.

* Applications must be signed by an authorized representative of the academic institution.

** Countries exempt from EPCI screening: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants for the University Program must submit a University Grant Application. If approved, a University Partner Agreement will be completed by Wind River and provided to the University for signature. The Wind River University Program is available to a limited number of participants, and not all applications will be approved. A faculty member of an accredited university must submit and sign the application form. Instructions and application form can be found above.
Universities will receive the most current versions of VxWorks®, Wind River Linux, or Wind River Diab Compiler. Product selection can be found in the University Grant Application.
Included with the software grant is 90 days of online support.
For assistance, please contact us at:
  • Sales Inquiries
    Toll-free: 800-545-WIND (800-545-9463)
    Send us a request for more information.
  • Sales Inquiries EMEA
    Toll-free: 800-4988-4988
Yes, product upgrades will be provided as they become available for no charge.
Universities in the Americas, Europe, and Japan will receive floating licenses. Universities in Asia will receive node-locked licenses.
Universities may use the software for up to three years after approvals have been granted and the University Agreement has been signed. The time period is selected on the Grant Application. Upon expiration, a new application must be submitted to continue using Wind River software.
Onsite training and Wind River Professional Services (consulting), which can be purchased separately.
Wind River may publicize a university’s participation and the results.