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Get the visibility you need to make proactive and informed decisions that will keep your cloud up and optimized.

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Identify Trends. Detect Anomalies.
Prevent Problems.

A distributed edge cloud could be deployed on tens — or tens of thousands — of edge nodes. The geo-distributed design with numerous end points makes monitoring and managing such a cloud challenging. Wind River® Studio Analytics is the tool to make the job easier.

5G Built Right

Wind River Studio provides network analytics for Verizon’s national deployment of virtualized 5G.

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Proactive   Optimal Network Operations

Maintain service assurance by identifying and addressing issues before they become problems.
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Cost Savings

Leverage big data and analytics to effectively monitor and analyze your distributed cloud network.
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Deeper, Broader, 
and tailored data

With a fully integrated solution, access a much larger, full-stack data set that you can specify to your needs.

Key Features

Analytics makes it possible to effectively manage a distributed cloud system by consuming and processing the data to produce meaningful insights for decision-making. With full stack monitoring of the cloud infrastructure cluster and services, Analytics collects, analyzes, and visualizes cloud behavioral data to help you keep your cloud up and optimized while reducing operational costs.

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Collect a broad and deep data set tailored to your needs. Data can be pulled across all layers of the system, including the infrastructure, cluster, services, and applications. Detailed memory, CPU, file system, and service state data are gathered to ensure that the entire operational landscape is monitored.

Lower Costs


Aggregate both structured and unstructured data, including logs, metrics, and traces. Whether at the individual host level or aggregated with the local or distributed cluster, data is enriched to provide context beyond the metric and timestamp and includes tagging, transformation, and pre-processing.


Process and Store

Process and store with replication indexing, which provides redundancy as robust as the system and makes the data faster for search. Lifecycle management ensures that the data is managed appropriately and persists only as long as it needs to.

Certifications and compliance


Analyze the data to derive powerful insights from the distributed cloud. Visualizations, dashboards, and trend analysis provide a view that can be interpreted for proactive decision-making to keep your network healthy and optimized.

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Stay Informed

Get proactive alerts and reports so you can always know what is happening in your distributed cloud.

Open Source Software Foundation

Studio’s analytics and cloud platform are both commercially supported capabilities derived from the StarlingX open source project. StarlingX is a best-of-breed integration of multiple open source projects that solves the operational problem of deploying and managing distributed networks. Studio Analytics contains the technology of Elastic and leverages components of Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash.

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The Choice for 5G VRAN

5G virtual RAN (vRAN) networks are being designed with a geo-distributed virtualization approach to accommodate applications that are fully software based and are dependent on ultra-low latency communications access from the edge to the core. This new network architecture will have tens of thousands of deployed compute nodes within a single operator’s infrastructure.

The infrastructure must be optimized for new 5G use cases, such as autonomous vehicles, and downtime must be avoided. To support this new network, telco operators are looking to Studio’s cloud platform, a production-grade Kubernetes solution that is optimized for the distributed edge. In addition, Studio’s analytics keep networks healthy by making sense of and taking proactive action on all the data being produced by the edge network.


Commitment to Open Source and Open Standards

Wind River is an active participant and leader in critical industry standards and open source initiatives for building critical infrastructure.