Wind River Studio 

Wind River Studio delivers fully integrated, zero-touch edge orchestration and automation for multi-cloud architecture.

Wind River

A Single End-to-End Platform for
Orchestration and Operation

Scale from a handful of nodes to thousands of nodes in a geographically dispersed distributed environment through a single pane of glass.

Wind River Studio Conductor enables industry-unique, distributed, and edge-aware automation to ease infrastructure management, application deployment, and public cloud integration. With every element needed for service provider infrastructure, Conductor is continuously integrated, tested, and delivered as a complete solution for digital telco transformation.

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A Single End-to-End Platform for Orchestration and Operation

Key Features

Studio enables you to model applications and services and automate their entire lifecycle, including deployment on any cloud or data center environment, monitoring all aspects of a deployed application, detecting issues and failure, manually or automatically remediating such issues, and performing ongoing maintenance tasks.

100% success rate

Multi-cloud orchestration

Manage and automate application deployment in a large-scale distributed environment including hybrid public/private service deployment. This includes multi-vendor services that run on the core, edge, far edge, and public cloud.

Lower Costs

Zero-touch edge operation

Full automation from core to edge. Select the applications you need from an app catalog, deploy them to a carrier-grade cloud platform, and orchestrate the resources needed for the applications simply, intuitively, and logically.


Single pane of glass

Conductor provides a graphical, single-pane-of-glass experience of the distributed network along with automated orchestration of machines, services, and applications running across the edge. This includes hardware, cloud platform, middleware, and applications.

Certifications and compliance


Conductor offers secret storage built in. This feature securely stores password keys internally, reducing threat opportunities.

Product evaluation

Edge aware, edge enabled

With the ability to recognize the difference between a single site and a fully distributed system, Conductor can deploy and manage resources effectively across multiple clouds.

The Choice for 5G VRAN

5G virtual RAN (vRAN) networks are being designed with a geo-distributed virtualization approach in order to accommodate applications that are fully software-based and are dependent upon ultra-low latency communications access from the edge to the core in order to function properly. This new network architecture will have tens of thousands of deployed compute nodes within a single operator’s infrastructure.

This infrastructure needs to be optimized for new 5G use cases such as autonomous vehicles, and downtime must be avoided. To support this new network, telco operators are looking to Wind River Studio, a production-grade Kubernetes solution that is optimized for the distributed edge. Orchestration is a key capability of Studio, giving you one platform to deploy and manage your network infrastructure and services at the edge.