Wind River® Studio Pipelines accelerates time-to-market and reduces costs through automation and orchestration of continuous build, test, integration, and deployment.

Increase productivity and get the most out of your development workflows with a one-click process to automate and customize pipelines.

Using an advanced visualization tool, you can create multiple development pipelines using interchangeable building blocks that can easily be modified to meet dynamic project needs.

Workflow Process Automation

Automate the building, scanning, assembling, testing, and deployment of platforms, applications, and SDKs. Generate and deploy OS platform images, containers, simulated devices, and even real systems through the virtual target management system.

Flexible User Interface

Build and manage projects using intuitive IDE integration, GUI, CLI, API, or pipelines as code (YAML). A flexible interface makes pipelines easy to share and access in all development scenarios.

Interchangeable Building Blocks

Combine prebuilt blocks containing project-specific details such as OS image and target hardware with in-house and third-party blocks to create custom pipelines.

Visibility of Pipelines and Processes

Monitor and track pipeline component versions, revisions, artifacts, and build status from one console.

Virtual Lab Access

Add pipeline blocks managing access to simulation and local or remote hardware resources, enabling shared and automated test scenarios and processes.

Configurable Parameterized Building Blocks

Wind River® Studio Pipelines components are each unique and highly customizable, with a dedicated set of parameters specific to the block being modified.

Turn your pipeline into a valuable software asset

Studio Pipelines automates the creation, modification, and sharing of the pipeline process. Studio Pipelines has an intuitive visual UI using interchangeable and modular building blocks of workflows, allowing developers to easily stand up and tear down functions as project needs change. Distributed teams can access and monitor pipeline progress, artifacts, and outputs through the cloud.

Easily customize pipelines to meet project needs

Provide development teams with the best commercial, open source, homegrown, and custom tools for the job. Mix and match existing and new tools as building blocks in Studio Pipelines to create complete, end-to-end automated workflows. Centralize common build configurations, testing steps, security scanning and verification, and more to ensure consistency and compliance across the organization. Wind River Studio Developer provides extensibility and multi-platform container support to eliminate compatibility concerns, and Wind River Studio Gallery offers a curated collection of third-party tools and preconfigured tasks that can extend Studio Pipelines at the click of a button.

Create, maintain, and share development pipelines across projects and teams

Managing pipelines in the cloud creates a centralized hub through which teams can share and collaborate, improving development efficiency. Studio Pipelines updates all pipelines in the cloud in real time and archives changes on demand. DevOps practitioners can collaborate more effectively, with a build engineer working on a build configuration block while a test automation engineer works within testing blocks. The resulting pipeline configurations represent a full, end-to-end DevOps lifecycle that can be saved, shared, and reused in different pipelines, projects, and teams. Pipeline configurations and logs can be used for project forensics as needed.