Test Automation

Wind River Studio Test Automation simplifies, expedites, and automates the testing, verification, and validation of embedded OS platforms and applications through cloud-hosted resources.

Solve the scalability challenges of embedded software testing by embracing a programmatic, cloud-native approach to test automation.

Studio Test Automation improves testing consistency and reduces costs by centralizing tests and configurations, packaging common tests and testing plans for use across teams and projects, and integrating with existing testing and reporting tools to meet the needs of modern development teams.

Test Suites for Embedded Operating Systems

Utilize a curated collection of test suites designed specifically for VxWorks® and Wind River® Linux and test against multiple embedded hardware target and build configurations.

Plugin-Based Architecture

Take advantage of a modular and extensible design that enables seamless integration with your existing test processes and tools to enhance your entire testing workflow.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Generate detailed test execution reports, analyze test results, and gain valuable insights into the quality and performance of software testing.

Integration with Studio Pipelines

Integrate your testing through Pipelines using building blocks to connect your automated testing processes to the rest of your overall DevOps workflow.

Automate Access to Test Targets Through Studio Virtual Lab

Easily and securely reserve and access simulated and hardware testing targets by leveraging Virtual Lab, including setup and teardown actions.

Find New Tools in Studio Gallery

Easily leverage pre-built integrations from Gallery to enhance your testing efforts.


Studio Test Automation works seamlessly with Studio Pipelines and Studio Virtual Lab to accelerate test automation with reliable, programmatic access to testing resources.

See how Studio Developer orchestrates testing plans and tools to programmatically connect automated tests with simulated and hardware testing targets.

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Tailor-made for embedded testing

Test Automation has been purposely built with embedded testing in mind. Experience seamless compatibility as you test across a range of various hardware platforms and get unlimited access to comprehensive test suites for both VxWorks and Wind River Linux operating systems. Through an intuitive interface, developers can drag and drop test plans into their existing development pipelines as well as reserve and schedule access to Virtual Lab targets for testing. With support for a breadth of test types, including unit testing, system testing, performance testing, functional testing, and smoke testing, Test Automation is a versatile solution designed to meet all your embedded software and hardware testing needs.

Scale up your testing through cloud-based automation

With virtually unlimited computing resources available, a cloud-native testing approach eliminates the traditional limitations presented by physical hardware computing power and availability, allowing your team to easily scale testing efforts relative to project needs. Effective test automation reduces the time spent building monotonous test plans, increasing your team’s efficiency and reducing manual user error. These are essential scaling capabilities required for teams developing the complex code required for today’s mission-critical intelligent systems, particularly for those in a continuous delivery setting where constant testing is necessary.

Enhance convenience across your entire organization

Test Automation offers advantages that streamline work for all your teams. Its plugin-based architecture and modular components enable seamless integration with your existing test processes, tools, and workflows to form a solution that works for you. Managing your testing in the cloud also provides efficiencies and collaboration opportunities within a shared team environment. The platform allows easy maintenance and reusability of your test setups and plans on different builds or configurations and across projects and teams.