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Wind River is your embedded Linux lifecycle partner. With more than 16 years of successfully deploying embedded Linux platforms, we know what it takes when it matters most.


We interviewed hundreds of Linux customers to identify the solutions they’re looking for to address their biggest challenges. Explore our findings below and see how Wind River® Studio Linux Services can help.

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150 experts in 10 design centers available 24/7/365 for local and global design, delivery, IP, processes, and support.

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Awarded total quality management honors across the globe and the prestigious Service Capability & Performance Standards certification.

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Market leader in telecommunications, aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, energy, and industrial applications.

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Highly integrated with NXP, AMD, Nvidia, Intel, TI, Broadcom, Marvel, and commercial off-the-shelf board vendors, with thousands of BSPs supported.

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More than 600 safety or mission-critical designs in deployment today with extreme complexity in rigid deployment environments​.

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Wind River Studio Linux Services delivers embedded Linux platform solution design, implementation, security, and lifecycle management capabilities that help you reduce your open source project risk while accelerating time to application deployment, so you can lower your total cost of ownership and focus your valuable resources on innovation.​

Alleviating Technical Debt

The exponential increase in security vulnerabilities is one of the leading causes of unexpected technical debt. As development teams push to add new features and get to market faster, CVEs often go unaddressed until late in the development lifecycle, impacting quality and overall project success.

Try our calculator to see how planning for security across the lifecycle can help alleviate technical debt.

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