Distributed Cloud Platform

Wind River Studio Cloud Platform is the software infrastructure foundation for Verizon’s 5G edge cloud-native deployment.

Production-Grade Kubernetes for
the 5G Distributed Cloud

Wind River® Studio Cloud Platform is an open source, production-grade distributed Kubernetes solution for managing cloud infrastructure. Based on the OpenStack StarlingX project, the cloud platform in Studio represents a compilation of best-in-class open source technology that delivers the features needed to effectively deploy and manage distributed networks.

With a series of groundbreaking firsts, Studio has become an essential partner to Tier 1 operators worldwide, including Verizon and Vodafone.

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Wind River Studio Analytics: Another Piece of 5G Built Right

Fully integrated with Cloud Platform, Studio analytics capabilities provide network analytics for Verizon’s national deployment of virtualized 5G.

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Open Source Foundation for Cloud Platform

Key Benefits

Optimized for the network edge, Cloud Platform is a high-availability solution that ensures communications service providers can thrive in the era of 5G and beyond. Customers select Studio Cloud Platform because they are looking to:

Control Operational Cost

Control Operational Cost

  • Simplified day-1 and day-2 operations
  • Single pane of glass management
  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • Integrated end-to-end security to mitigate risk
Establish Market Leadership

Establish Market Leadership

  • Geographically diverse distributed cloud deployment for deploying 5G vRAN at scale
  • Zero-touch deployment, configuration, and enablement with no operator involvement
  • Ability to define and commission edge clouds from a centralized cloud
  • Single installation media — a simple deployment model
Enable New Revenue Streams

Enable New Revenue Streams

  • Highly flexible infrastructure to grow with your business
  • Optimized out-of-the-box, integrated performant, low-latency Linux kernel
  • Small footprint — single node — for edge deployment
  • Edge infrastructure to support new use cases such as autonomous driving, robotics, and yet-to-be-imagined innovative services
Leverage Deployment-Ready Open Source

Leverage Deployment-Ready Open Source

  • Production-ready Kubernetes with support for OpenStack virtual machines (VMs)
  • Best-of-breed open source solutions that reduce vendor lock-in
  • Commercial hardening and packaging with over 30,000 tests per release
  • Lifecycle support and maintenance with 24x7x365 support options
  • Customer-first focus with alignment upstream

The Choice for 5G VRAN

To maximize the benefits of virtual RAN (vRAN), operators need an underlying cloud platform designed to support network-wide configuration and management of far edge applications and infrastructure. Studio is especially well suited for use cases such as vRAN with low-latency and high-reliability requirements. With unified edge cloud management and network-wide orchestration, Studio provides the flexibility needed to scale across small-footprint, low-cost/power single node servers up to full data center configurations.


Validated and Certified Servers

Find out which hardware providers have certified or self-validated with Wind River Studio Cloud Platform.

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Commitment to Open Source and Open Standards

Wind River is an active participant and leader in critical industry standards and open source initiatives for building critical infrastructure.