Virtual Lab

Wind River Studio Virtual Lab offers a secured cloud portal to remotely manage and share distributed test environments including remote hardware labs and modern simulation tools.

Remove the barriers of limited embedded hardware availability with cloud access to virtual assets.

With Wind River® Studio Virtual Lab, you can schedule and reserve targets for testing and development through a web interface.

Virtual Hardware Targets Hosted in the Cloud

Dispersed development teams can easily run simulations and share a comprehensive library of in-house and Wind River–provided virtual embedded target hardware through the cloud.

Web-Based Interface and Intuitive Reservation System

Virtual hardware targets can be easily scheduled, reserved, and managed through a centralized and intuitive web-based user interface.

Ability to Debug and Test Complex Systems in the Cloud

Developers can utilize emulation and simulation of hardware targets to debug and test complex software systems without interruption.

Integration with Studio

Virtual Lab is tightly integrated with Studio and can be a configurable and interchangeable building block in Wind River Studio Pipelines and Wind River Studio Test Automation.

Secure Access (Defense-in-Depth Approach)

A secure gateway utilizes authentication, authorization, and encrypted communication channels to enable secure access to Studio Virtual Lab.

Remote Access to Terminal Console

Access from anywhere via a secure SSH connection link to the OS terminal interface and support custom commands.

Secure shared access to unlimited testing resources from anywhere

Studio Virtual Lab allows developers to untether themselves from a one-to-one connection to a physical board. Physical hardware assets can be centralized and accessible to developers working in different time zones or on different projects. The target orchestration and registration manager simplifies the process of identifying, reserving, and attaching to a shared physical device that developers can use to deploy, debug, or test their software.

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Scaling DevOps through simulation

Outfitting development teams with enough hardware to scale their productivity has traditionally been a challenge, but a virtual hardware target management system enables users to create virtual target boards at scale. They can run applications, debug code, and execute tests the same way they would on a physical board, but the cloud also supercharges the agility of virtual targets with processing power and resource availability, so they can execute regression testing in minutes instead of hours.

Studio Virtual Lab currently supports full system simulation and rapid testing simulation. The Studio Virtual Lab REST APIs provide programmatic access to identify, reserve, and attach a shared pool of emulated, simulated, and physical test environments. Through Studio Pipelines, Studio Virtual Lab building blocks can be quickly and easily integrated into a CI/CD pipeline for testing at scale.

Bring your own model

Studio Virtual Lab provides Studio customers the flexibility to register their own virtual targets. Each configured target offers a choice to add data persistence between sessions to provide rapid stand-up, storage, and repurposing of the test environment for different project needs. This capability further extends to allow users to adapt an out-of-the-box virtual target to match their specific use cases and workflows.

Wind River Studio Demo Tour

Wind River Studio Demo Tour

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