The Future of  
  Distributed Cloud  

Technology has the power to shape our evolution, and distributed cloud is the technology that will usher us into a new age.

Join Paul Miller, Wind River CTO, as he shares how technologists can harness the power of the distributed cloud to succeed in 5G and intelligent edge cloud systems in order to advance our collective future. View the entire session above, or pick and choose the sections you’re most interested in below.

Paul Miller Jr

  Five Areas to Consider As You Plan, Build, and
  Run Your 5G Network  

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Why is 5G such a big deal? What is at stake?
play Flexibility


What needs to change from current processes? What is the role of disaggregation?
play Technology Challenges

Technology Challenges

What are the key concerns operators have?
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How will operators make money?
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Open Source

What are the most influential projects and why?

  Distributed Cloud Case Studies  

play Distributed Edge Use Case

Distributed Edge Use Case

Learn why T-Systems selected Wind River for their EdgAIR platform.
play 5G Use Case: Verizon

5G Use Case: Verizon

Learn how Wind River is making Verizon’s 5G plans a reality.

  About Wind River  

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Wind River

What makes Wind River® uniquely qualified to power 5G and the distributed edge?
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Recap and Summary

The Future of Distributed Cloud summary and highlights.