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5G is rapidly approaching and accelerating edge cloud opportunities such as virtual RAN (vRAN), multi-access edge computing (MEC), virtual business CPE, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT.) As carriers and other critical infrastructure companies explore these opportunities, they need to ensure that the solutions they select will meet challenging requirements in areas such as security, ultra-low latency, telco-grade service uptime, small-footprint deployments, and streamlined operation.

Recognizing that no single open source solution has existed to address all these challenges, OpenStack is hosting the StarlingX open source pilot project, which provides a fully featured open source distributed cloud that is ideal for supporting critical infrastructure applications and services at the network edge.

For organizations that require full lifecycle support and services around an open source solution, Wind River® provides Wind River Cloud Platform as a commercially supported version of StarlingX. With Cloud Platform, Wind River provides value-added services to ensure our customers’ success using the most advanced open source edge cloud solution available.

We expect the StarlingX project will accelerate the industry toward a common open source edge platform that spans a wide variety of use cases. We invite you to join this exciting, groundbreaking work.

Download the StarlingX source code, try it out, and join the discussion at

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Akraino Edge Stack

As a longstanding contributor to open source projects, Wind River has a proven track record of contributing code that addresses important problems applicable to critical infrastructure applications. Wind River will continue to contribute to many open source projects from the Linux Foundation, OSF, and others. In addition to being a major contributor to StarlingX, Wind River is also involved with the Akraino Edge Stack open source project from the Linux foundation. A blueprint based on StarlingX, proposed by Wind River and Intel, was accepted by the Akraino community to be part of the first release of Akraino Edge Stack.


Wind River is committed to working with the open source community to build the critical infrastructure for the edge.


Wind River Cloud Platform is an open source, production-grade distributed Kubernetes for managing edge cloud infrastructure. Based on the OpenStack StarlingX project, Cloud Platform represents a compilation of best-in-class open source technology that delivers the features needed to effectively deploy and manage distributed networks.

  • Simplified Day-1 and Day-2 operations through zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and single-pane-of-glass host-level management
  • Ultra-low latency with deterministic performance optimized per use case
  • Support for a single compute node at the far edge
  • Scalability from one to many nodes, from edge to core
  • Orchestration of fully automated upgrade deployments across geo-distributed cloud, with rollback and forward
  • Fully integrated security by design
  • High availability with zero downtime for applications

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