Who's leading anyway?

The LinuxHater linked off to Christopher Blizzard’s
(from OLPC fame and now at Mozilla) blog on the current state of
affairs with the GNOME project. He gives some very eye opening insight
into what’s happening there and the potential future directions for
GNOME, GTK, and friends. It’s not pretty, literally.

getting big in the mobile space, or at least the number of contributors
from that space is starting to dominate the GNOME project. And as we
all know in the open source world, the contributors are the leaders and
get to make the decisions. What this likely means and what blizzard is
afraid of is that the GNOME desktop is not going to get the attention
it needs to compete with the modern interfaces it competes with. The
commercial interest just isn’t there to make it happen like it is with
GNOME mobile.

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