What is a 'BareMetal' Hypervisor?

A good discussion on Virtualization Review on whether KVM is a Bare-Metal Hypervisor.
A Bare-Metal hypervisor is also traditionally referred to as a Type 1
hypervisor, it is a hypervisor that runs directly on the hardware and
that hosts guest operating systems. A type 2 hypervisor on the other
hand is a hypervisor that runs within a host OS and that hosts guest
OSes inside of it. Wikipedia has a decent explanation as well.

The easiest comparison is that a type 2 hypervisor is used by people
running a different guest OS inside a host on their desktop. I am
typing this on my MacBook Pro while a Wind River Linux kernel compile
is  churning away on a Red Hat Enterprise guest inside a VMWare Fusion
session. This is clearly a type 2 hypervisor. The hypervisor in a type
2 environment uses the host operating system services to provide the
virtual environments.

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