The Internet of Things: Work Smarter, Get to Market Quicker—Part 2

Most engineers like to create things from scratch, but when you’re preparing to implement virtualization technology on platforms in a manufacturing setting, it’s helpful to begin the process with a leg up. Fortunately, developers looking to reduce costs and shorten the development time of virtualized, real-time industrial systems can do so with the new Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series.

In the second half of our two-part video interview series, Tim Appleton, Business Development Manager, IoT Group, Intel, and Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Management, Embedded Division, Wind River, discuss the benefits of application-ready platforms and explore opportunities and challenges—including security questions—that are key to leveraging this technology.

Why are virtualized, consolidated industrial systems a smart choice for developers? Simplification, for one. Without such a solution, developers must procure their virtualization technology, hypervisor, operating systems, and security software, and then integrate the pieces and validate them on their board; only then can they begin developing their applications. Frankly, no matter how much you like to build from scratch, it’s not always the most efficient or profitable approach.


“Intel is taking care of all of that kind of low-level baseline engineering work for customers so that … [they] can just purchase a development kit that’s application-ready and just start to port or code their new applications—and avoid all of [the] expense and time required to do all of that other engineering work.”

-Tim Appleton, Business Development Manager, Internet of Things Group, Intel


“At Wind River, we’re investing heavily in making it easier to integrate applications on top of these ready-made platforms. Combining hardware and software is great. It truly is, ‘take a box, plug it in, and write your code,’ and it works.”

Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Management, Embedded Division, Wind River

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