Test Management 4.0: Reduce Risk by Understanding the Impact of Change

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Big day today, we just announced the release of our latest version of Wind River Test Management, WRTM 4.0, the culmination of several years of hard work – kudos to our engineering team!

In the coming weeks, I will be covering many of the new features of WRTM 4.0 in detail in a series of separate posts, but today I wanted to give you an overview of some of the new things you can look forward to.

I’ll start by sharing a quote from Wind River customer GE Healthcare on how Test Management is helping their business — a real testament to the value that Test Management delivers.

"Wind River Test Management has tremendously helped us improve the productivity of our firmware testing team, significantly reducing the overall development cycle time. And although we already had more than 20 tools as part of our test and development process, test plans and test results were still mostly paper based.  Wind River Test Management easily integrates with our existing solutions, such as HP Quality Center, to provide a complete automated regression testing suite running tests remotely on the target and collecting valuable metrics for tracking test progress and software quality. GE Healthcare operates on a ‘zero defects’ policy and Wind River helps ensure that this policy is met much faster than before."

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