Pushing Lab Cloud Buttons Remotely – The API (with Video)


One nice thing about services hosted in the Cloud is that they can offer API access to functionality from pretty much anywhere and anything. Wind River Helix Lab Cloud is no exception – as we have discussed previously the API is a great way to automate testing and setup in Lab Cloud. To provide a bit more insight into how it works, watch our demo video.

The video shows how the Web API can be explored interactively from a Linux host command line, using the curl program to perform actions such as listing available platforms, creating new sessions, and starting them. This is not how you are expected to use the API in an actual deployment, but it is a great way to learn how to use it and prototype sequences of operations. Once a sequence of actions works interactively, you can then encapsulate them in a script to run automatically.


As shown above, the Web API operates at a higher level than the traditional API of Simics and similar simulators higher (see a previous blog more on this topic). The Simics API works inside of Simics, and is used to write models and extensions. The Web API, on the other hand, is about managing simulation sessions and automating access to the power of the simulator. The two types of APIs complement each other, and both are typically used when building a complete solution.

The Web API is open to anyone with a Lab Cloud account, so go ahead and try it! It costs nothing. Just click the button below to go straight to the registration page!