Processing Paradigm: it's all about capacity

When I was a kid anything that was a computer, or had one in it, was
pretty obvious. Computers weren’t "just everywhere".  Now we’ve got
multiple CPU chips on a board, multiple CPU cores on a chip, different
kinds of cores on a single chip, multiple computer boards in a single
chassis, … it goes on.    These things are embedded in everything
around us, all this hardware glued together to achieve something. This
brings us to software.  Software has to evolve to keep up with
hardware, and with the needs of users.  With all these cores and chips
and boards and systems running around, it gets a bit confusing.
Software is what enables everything from multi-processing to
"poly-processing". There’s a lot of buzzwords about it – SMP, AMP,
POS, VOS, Real time kernel, Separation Kernels… but what does it all
mean? And… what’s it for?

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