Manageable Devices

The more we rely on intelligent devices in our lives, the more they need to
be easily managed. It just doesn’t scale for us to look at the LCD
panel of dozens of devices in our homes just to see if they are all
still working properly. Who has time to do that once a week let alone
once a day? And if my thermostat decides that the furnace isn’t doing
what its been told, I’d like to know before the aquarium freezes
solid. The devices we rely on need to be manageable – and connected.

Enterprise and carrier networking products are  devices we rely on
that have been doing remote software management,  diagnostics and
control for decades. They call it OA&M for Operations,
Administration and Maintenance. My PVR already has some remote
OA&M capabilities and I know it is occasionally upgraded by
someone who is definitely not in my house – I like that.

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