It's a Beautiful Day


I have been totally absorbed by the media coverage of the incredible rescue of the thirty-three Chilean miners that were trapped about a kilometer below the earth's surface for months. The images of jubilation as "Super Mario" and the other miners exited the pod will be imprinted in our minds forever. A real Feel Good Story.

Many thanks to the scientists, engineers, and rescue specialists from across the planet for playing their part in bringing up the 33 miners and 4 rescue workers and for making this A Beautiful Day.

Between reports of the rescue of the individual Chilean miners, CNN's report on the "Best Jobs in America" caught my attention, my curiousity, and briefly diverted my focus from the rescue (and my day job). Of the top-100 jobs, I was pleasantly surprised to see that "Software Architect" ranked at the top – #1 in America. "Product Management Director" and "Software Engineering/Development Director" were in the top-20 – this was a pleasant but credible surprise. "Telecommunications Network Engineer", "Test Software Development Engineer", "R&D Manager", and "Systems Engineer" were all in the top-50. Very interesting considering that these rankings are based on criteria like compensation, job growth, and quality of life.

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