I love OCD

No, I’m not talking about locking the front door exactly 3 times before going to bed or using a new bar of soap each time I wash my hands à la Jack Nicholson. I’m talking about On-Chip Debugging – using JTAG tools for device software debugging.

I got my start at Wind River working on JTAG-based debuggers. A couple of years ago, my team integrated Wind River’s JTAG emulators into our Eclipse-based product, Wind River Workbench. It was quite a challenge connecting hardware debugging to a debugging framework focused on application development, and the Device Debugging and Target Management projects spun out of that effort.

Today I manage our Eclipse open source contributions, but I still sit next to my OCD buddies. When they’re not nervously clicking their retractable pens, they’re writing firmware for our JTAG emulators. Today, they released a cool new emulator that blows away their previous products:

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