How to Get Virtual


My blog posts about Simics tend to focus on how virtual platforms are used and what you can do with them. However, underlying all Simics use is the issue of getting a virtual platform in place. You need some kind of platform to run your software on in order to get the full benefit of Simics. Thus, creating virtual platforms is an important part of practical Simics use for many of our users.

We have been working with Simics for more than a decade, and we have learnt a lot about modeling along the way. The approach we have ended up with is a top-down methodology, where we start by investigating the target system as a whole from the perspective of the intended use cases, and then explore the details of each subsystem in order to determine how best to model it.  We then switch to bottom-up, applying an iterative modeling flow that delivers something useful as quickly as possible. During development, the goal is to always keep a useful (albeit probably incomplete) platform available at all times.

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