How Simics Gets Started (with video)



Having worked with Simics for more than a decade, it is easy to get blind to the obvious. To me, starting a Simics simulation is a trivial thing that I do many times per day. However, to a newcomer to the product, it is not so obvious, and it might even seem a bit daunting. It is not daunting, and it is not difficult, as shown in this video on YouTube.

As can be seen in the video, we start Simics sessions by invoking a target setup script or opening a checkpoint. This can be done from Eclipse, from a command-line, or from the old Simics stand-alone GUI. Whether on Windows or Linux host, the same options are available. No matter how you do it, the end result is the same. The same Simics engine is used in all cases, interpreting the startup script in the same way.

Starting simics 0

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