Even Bacteria Form Communities

After several days at CES,
I was so OVER IT by my final night in Vegas. OVER the crowds, OVER the
lines and especially OVER the abundance of cool, new gadgets I live to
try out every January. I was “gadgeted-out.” As amusing as it was to
hang out in front of the Taser
booth where grown adults were waiting in a VERY, long line to
voluntarily sacrifice their neuro-muscular systems and experience total
bodily incapacitation from the uncontrollable jolt of an extremely
painful electrical current device…I was still OVER it.

With a grueling show schedule behind me, all I wanted to do was
hideout in my hotel room, order room service, plow through the 3000+
emails in my inbox and maybe channel surf my way to something
interesting on TV that wasn’t a repeat episode of CSI, Law & Order
or Cops. As I powered up the laptop and simultaneously started clicking
through the channels, I stumbled onto a Nova special about bacterial
research and actually watched the entire segment completely engrossed.
So much for the 3000 emails…

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