Catching up at IDF 2011 - An Embedded Chat with Intel ECG


In case you missed it, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) was held last week in San Francisco.  The Simics team was busy at IDF with multiple Simics-related events being held.   At IDF, we handed out free memory sticks preinstalled with Simics, models of Intel devices, and a hands-on tutorial.  This is a great way to quickly learn about Simics first hand.  We had a few left over, so if you want one, email us ( and we’ll send one over, while supplies last.

?????At IDF I had the pleasure to sit down with Tian Tian, a Senior Technical Account Platform Architecture Engineer at Intel.  He’s part of the Data Center and Connected Systems Group focusing for the embedded market segment. Working with customers on almost a daily basis has given Tian some great insight into what their current issues and challenges are.

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