Big Software and Mistreated Customers

It’s tough to be a customer sometimes, especially in
the world of software. Lately, I’ve really felt like a mistreated
customer as I use Microsoft Vista. Yes, it’s my own fault for trying to
use Vista this early in its life. But my logic was so simple. I have a
new laptop. It came with Vista. I’m curious about Vista’s new features
and how well Eclipse and my product work on Vista, ergo, I shall use

Serious lapse in judgment on my part. As any IT
professional will tell you: don’t use a new Microsoft OS until at least
the first service pack! Vista is pretty, to be sure, but oh the
headaches: program incompatibilities, serious performance problems,
unstable drivers, slow startup and shutdown, user access control HELL,
the usual suspend/resume quirks, and bizarre docking problems. This
last one is especially comical. I like to play a game I call, "let’s
see which monitor turns on this time" as I dock my laptop into my dual
monitor setup.

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