Agile, Continuous, DevOps – Oh My! What does it mean for Embedded?

Agile, Continuous, DevOps – Oh My! What does it mean for Embedded?

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We’ve been hearing more and more about agile development, continuous practices, and DevOps from our clients, partners and analysts. It seems many of our clients are adopting some version of these practices and are finding they are enabling them to work more efficiently and collaboratively, which is resulting in getting better products to market faster.

It’s one thing to adopt these methodologies when working on a web application; it’s a little different when you are working with embedded software. Whether you work with tiny sensors, automobile components, medical equipment or space ships – if you develop software, ultimately you will have some sort of target hardware you need to work with and that can come with some challenges.

To help navigate the world of these new practices from an embedded development perspective we have been busy putting together various resources on these topics.


  • For a primer on Agile, Continuous Practices and DevOps in embedded check out this short video

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More blog posts and other content are on the way. We’ll touch on topics such as Parallelized Testing and how development teams can collaborate and communicate better using simulation. Follow this blog to stay current.