A Few Words About the Future


I recently started reading a book called “I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works” by Nick Bilton.  I got interested in the book after reading an excerpt online at the New York Times, where Bilton is the lead writer for their technology blog. This is where my life started imitating art.

While I was waiting for the e-book to download, I read on to the second half of the excerpt. Bilton describes a nifty rule he calls “1, 2, 10”; numbers that describe the distance between your eyes, the screen of a mobile device, computer screen and television screen, respectively.  He asserts that content will eventually follow us from screen to screen and place to place. While this exact future hasn’t happened yet, a reasonable facsimile of it was taking place in a race between the downloading of his book both on my computer and my iPod touch. Having the content accessible on a large monitor during the day and at bedtime is really handy when you’re writing to a deadline.

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