CES 2024 – Approaching the Software Defined Vehicle with Wind River

It’s that time of year again – CES! It’s a time to showcase innovations as well as share insights into the future of technology. For Wind River, it’s an opportunity to take a closer look at our approach to the software-defined vehicle.

For carmakers, delivering software on time, on budget and with quality is an increasingly difficult challenge, especially at scale. This is particularly true in a software-defined future for vehicles with exponentially increasing software complexity -- features such as driver assistance, infotainment, and intelligent connectivity are all defined by software.

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Wind River Studio - a solution to help automakers solve key challenges

Wind River Studio is a cloud-native, end-to-end DevOps platform. It is open and extensible. It includes tools that developers already use and enables physical and virtual access to their hardware and simulation tools much earlier in the cycle.

Studio provides:

  • Collaborative workspaces for your projects. It allows for easy onboarding of new developers to projects as well as provide a consistent environment for all developers on a project
  • A pipeline manager for automating tasks and workflows. Studio gives teams the ability to create and run multiple pipelines, with the ability to integrate third party or custom tools and workflows. All tasks and workflows in pipelines can be automatically triggered.
  • Test automation to automatically reserve and run automated tests on remote hardware, no matter where the hardware is physically located
  • Traceability of software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop and vehicle-in-the-loop test results to requirements
  • All of these increase developer efficiencies and speed up time to market, without having to rip and replace existing investments in tools and workflows.

A unique offering, Wind River Studio brings with it the ability to automate nearly every aspect of DevOps and software design. However, the real key is the end-to-end aspect of the solution, including early requirements to data feedback loops on deployed vehicles. What’s more, Studio enables traceability of test results to requirements throughout the verification and validation cycle, enabling easy compliance to standards and regulations.

Studio is a flexible and open platform. It combines the scalability and collaboration of the cloud with a broad range of applications and interfaces required for lifecycle management. With all these capabilities and more, Studio can help teams move at the speed of innovation.

Be sure to visit us at CES in the Aptiv Pavilion to learn more. We always welcome opportunities to hear about your experiences and share our insights.

More highlights you’ll see while visiting us at CES:

  • Consistent Developer Environment: Workspaces in Studio provide a consistent environment for projects. The integration between VSCode and Studio is very powerful, allowing for accelerated onboarding of new developers. The environment and tools can be managed and upgraded by an administrator to ensure everyone is on the same version of tools integrated into Studio. Developers can consistently interact with various Studio services directly from their workstation and connect securely to a server using any web browser.
  • Consistent builds: Studio has pre-integrated build systems for operating systems like VxWorks and WR Linux, but also works with the build systems of your choice (for e.g., Bazel). With Studio, you get consistent builds - whether it is our build system or yours.
  • Faster builds and scans: Our cloud scaling also allows for faster builds and code scans. Role based access control allows for builds and scans to be done securely by anyone with access, from anywhere and at any time.
  • Virtual Lab for testing: With Virtual Lab, the developer can reserve a virtual target on which to test their build. The application is deployed onto this virtual, with the physical target being anywhere remote, connected in the cloud using Studio Lab Connect technology.


CES is always an exciting way to start the new year. We look forward to some great discussions at the show!


About the author

Ram Subramanian is a Senior Product Line Manager at Wind River