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Fast and Flexible Linux

If your device has an Internet connection and a browser, you need the kind of smart information display that Linux delivers so well. Our latest update pack is all about empowering graphical user interface (GUI) and human machine interface (HMI) designers to create rich graphics with a smaller footprint, faster performance, and lower power consumption than do-it-yourself (DIY) alternatives.

Advanced Graphics Stack for
Intel and ARM

Optimized for Intel's EMGD driver on Intel Atom with Open GL and Texas Instruments' PowerVR driver on TI OMAP 3530 with Open GL ES, this pre-integrated hardware-to-middleware stack bundles popular graphics applications with the fastest graphic drivers around. Linux Standard Base (LSB) certification ensures compatibility with all LSB-compliant third-party applications such as Skype and Gmail.


QT Development Toolkit

Application developers and user interface designers agree that using QT increases productivity, reduces costs, and shortens time-to-market by up to 75%. This popular open source, cross-platform graphics development framework (version X11) is now optimized for embedded development and supported in Wind River Linux 4.

Cross Web Development Toolkit

HMI, remote monitoring, device diagnostics, and interaction with on-target web browsers all require a new skill set and a new toolkit. This built-in tool stack enables developers to debug, deploy, and test directly on targets using HTML/JavaScript and web page rendering languages. Database architects collecting multiple device parameters will find it useful, too.


See What You Can Create with Wind River Linux

Now you can use Wind River Linux to create smart, compelling information displays. Use today's most popular graphics applications—such as QT, GTK, and Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite—for fast, intuitive GUI design. Browse the GUI graphics gallery.

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What's New

What's New in Wind River Linux 4 Update Pack 2


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Aerospace and Defense

Helicopter Flight Control Simulator

Helicopter Flight Control Simulator
Through this graphical interface, pilots in training experience the real-time information that is displayed during flight.

Industrial Automation

Beer Factory
This industrial control animation, created with Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite, demonstrates a simple human/machine interface tracking automated workflow in a beer factory.

Medical Devices

Syringe Pump Monitor

Syringe Pump Monitor
This medical device GUI enables users to precisely control and easily monitor interdependent parameters at a glance.

Building Automation

HVAC Graphic User Interface

HVAC Graphic User Interface
A simple animated interface makes it easy to visualize and control building air flow.

Network Equipment

Packet Generation Monitor

Packet Generation Monitor
This animated human machine interface (HMI) makes it easy to track and troubleshoot network performance.


Next-Generation Automotive Dashboard
Animated gauges and needles feature day and night illumination.