Embedded Linux:  
Build or Buy?

Calculate the costs of building your own embedded Linux product and see how market-leading Wind River Linux can save you up to 57%.

Find the Hidden Costs in Your Embedded Linux Project

Commercially supported Linux is proven to be significantly less expensive and faster to develop than roll-your-own Linux software. It also reduces risks related to security and licensing issues.

This Linux total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator will help you uncover the hidden costs of using roll-your-own (RYO) Linux and highlight how your TCO will change depending on various project and device variables.

Answer the questions below to see your results automatically generated in the graphs on the right. Hover over each part of the graphs for a cost break-down.

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TCO and Potential Savings
Determine how your costs add up during the total life of your embedded Linux product.
Costs Over Time
Determine when your costs change at different lifecycle stages of your embedded Linux product.

These figures have been derived from Wind River customer data.


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