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Our award-winning certified maintenance and support can radically reduce the hassles, lower the costs, and protect you from the risks of managing your embedded software across its entire lifecycle, from initial designs to retirement. Our support and maintenance programs ensure the highest return on your investment in our software, helping developers and device makers greatly simplify their product management tasks by leaving the details to us.

We provide standard support for up to 10 years or even longer through our Professional Services on demand. Our support includes a range of live assistance, product manuals, our Knowledge Forum, and other resources within the online Wind River Support Network.


Our support services provide extensive technical information and resources, as well as trusted, expert advice when you need it to overcome any challenge.


Our maintenance services provide bug fixes, minor enhancements, and security patches on a regular schedule. See the table below for more details.


Additional support and maintenance offerings are available, including Premium Project Support (technical support in the customer environment), and custom maintenance services as part of the Wind River Studio Linux Services offering.

Support and Maintenance Details

Lifecycle Stage Current Long-term*
Period Years 1 to 5 Years 5 to 10 >Year 10
Knowledge Library Yes Yes Yes
Web-Based Expert Assistance Yes Yes Custom
Direct Expert Assistance Yes, with Standard SLA Yes, with Long Term Support and Maintenance Agreement Yes, with Professional Services Agreement
Defect Resolution Only critical defects, starting year 4 Only critical defects, on demand Custom
Patches and Updates Periodic updates, through Rolling Cumulative Patch Layers (RCPLs) On demand Custom
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) mitigation Yes, security vulnerability hot fixes made available monthly if no RCPL release in 45 days Yes, on demand Custom
Support and Maintenance Details
  • Customers can purchase new software subscriptions.
  • Standard support and maintenance offerings apply.
  • Technical support is provided on reference setup delivered as part of the standard distribution.
  • Support does not extend to customizations.
  • Patches cover P1, P2 defects, and select P3 defects.
  • Security fixes are available.
  • Select enhancement requests are accepted.
  • New hardware support (BSPs) or updates to existing BSPs in the first 2 years.
  • Customers can purchase new software subscriptions.
  • Long Term Support and Long-Term Maintenance offerings are available.
  • Technical support is provided on reference setup delivered as part of the standard distribution.
  • Support does not extend to customizations.
  • Patches cover P1.
  • Security fixes are available.
  • Customers can purchase extended support and maintenance from Professional Services.
  • Technical support is provided on reference setup delivered as part of the standard distribution.
  • Support may extend to customizations, depending on the Professional Services agreement.
  • Security fixes are available.

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Maintenance Updates

Wind River Linux releases align with Yocto Project releases

Annual Wind River Linux releases align with Yocto Project community releases.

The Wind River Linux release model follows a one-year release cadence, i.e., one release version every year. In effect, this means that roughly every 12 months Wind River introduces a new release with a new kernel for the Wind River Linux base platform and other architectural changes deriving from this, in alignment with Yocto Project community releases.

Rolling Cumulative Patch Layers

Software patches and minor updates to current releases, with active maintenance, are delivered via rolling cumulative patch layers (RCPLs). These RCPLs are provided on an ongoing basis according to a predictable schedule and do not trigger any major kernel, tool chain, or user space packages revisions (unless a critical issue requires specific action).

RCPLs are accessible using the Wind River electronic software delivery mechanism, and information about each RCPL, including technical content, is available on the Wind River Support Network. Certain product enhancements and new board support packages (BSPs) may also be included in these monthly patches, and RCPLs are mandatory installations. All RCPLs go through the Wind River standard product validation tests.

Example of RCPL Content and Trend

Wind River provides cumulative updates to CVEs

Wind River provides cumulative updates to CVEs through a support and maintenance agreement.

The value of maintenance includes delivery of fixes for defects (broken functionality) and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). For example, for the first five years of the Wind River Linux LTS18 lifecycle, the value of each RCPL delivery increased incrementally.

  • In the first couple of years, with the new technology adoption and deployment, the trend was toward higher defect fixes.
  • As the code stabilized from a functionality perspective and the number of defects decreased, trending toward zero, the overall number of CVEs was slowly increasing before stabilizing and having a linear decrease trend.

The cumulative updates are available to customers with a valid, active standard support and maintenance agreement and can be downloaded throughout the product lifecycle. RCPLs are available on the Wind River Support Network.

The latest RCPL can be downloaded from the “Downloads” section of its respective Linux product on the Wind River Support Network. Whenever a new RCPL is released, the previous one goes into the Legacy section.


Legal Disclaimer

The information on this page is intended for information purposes only and does not create any contractual obligation for Wind River. The lifecycles included here are not a commitment to deliver any material, code, functionality, or specific support and maintenance services. Wind River controls entirely the development, release, and timing of its products and support and maintenance offerings, and the information included here is only a description of the Wind River development philosophy.

* Eligibility for Wind River product support and maintenance requires customer payment of applicable fees and is subject to the Wind River standard support and maintenance terms and conditions. Information provided in this document is for informational purposes only. Wind River reserves the right to change its product lifecycle dates and its support and maintenance offerings at the sole discretion of Wind River.