Wind River Linux Product Overview

Wind River® Linux enables you to build and deploy robust, reliable, and secure Linux-based edge devices and systems without the risk and development effort associated with roll-your-own (RYO) in-house efforts. Let Wind River keep your code base up to date, track and fix defects, apply security patches, customize your runtime to adhere to strict market specifications and certifications, facilitate your IP and export compliance, and significantly reduce your costs.

Wind River is the global leader in the embedded software industry, with decades of expertise, more than 15 years as an active contributor and committed champion of open source, and a proven track record of helping customers build and deploy use case–optimized devices and systems. Wind River Linux is running on hundreds of millions of deployed devices worldwide, and the Wind River Linux suite of products and services offers you a high degree of confidence and flexibility to prototype, develop, and move to real deployment.

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