Wind River
Linux Distro

A binary Linux distribution built specifically for embedded solutions, with easy-to-augment features so you can deploy and benefit from long-term maintenance


Deploying Linux at the intelligent edge has never been easier. Unlock new possibilities and streamline your embedded application development, deployment, and maintenance.

Linux Distro for the Intelligent Edge

Wind River® Linux Distro is the first Yocto Project–compatible binary distribution, optimized for popular reference hardware and leveraging Fedora CoreOS components for streamlined updates and maintenance.

Based on more than 15 years of experience in delivering embedded Linux solutions, Wind River Linux Distro uses state-of-the art open source technologies from the Yocto Project and CoreOS as foundational building blocks. The result is a powerful distro purpose built to enable intelligent edge use cases and streamlined application development, providing out-of-the-box support for embedded platforms.

Benefits include:

  • Always open source, upstream first, based on trusted technologies from the Yocto Project, OpenEmbedded, and CoreOS
  • High-performance kernel with optimized usage experience for deployment and maintenance (at least 10 of years support and maintenance)
  • Immutable operating system designed for security and reliability
  • Lower footprint and optimized solution, with a small attack surface for better security throughout the lifecycle
Why Wind River Linux Distro?
  • Commercial, supported Linux based on open source community innovation
    Application developers for the intelligent edge seek low-overhead, hardware-optimized solutions to reduce overall time-to-market for deploying apps and updates, especially when working in regulated environments.
  • The power of Linux, tailored for the intelligent edge, with a flexible business model
    With the increased need for on-demand compute at the edge, there is also the need for a flexible business model that allows faster time-to-market while avoiding vendor lock-in by using open source technologies and standards.
  • Trusted vendor for Linux deployed in highly regulated environments
    Software provenance and indemnity are key while the regulatory environment is tightening, and these factors must be considered when deciding between a roll-your-own or commercial open source solution in mission-critical markets.