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Developer Capabilities

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Wind River® Studio developer capabilities are integrated to deliver the only full lifecycle management platform for intelligent systems at digital scale. Studio reengineers development workflows into solution sets that reduce development costs and accelerate capabilities for building, testing, and deploying on the edge.

Modernize, accelerate, and transform 
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Studio gives you one constantly updated, cloud-native, integrated platform where you can develop, collaborate on, and operate intelligent systems in the digital world. Utilize automated testing capabilities and digital feedback loops for mission-critical systems.

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Bring digital scale to all you do
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Level the playing field for development teams distributed globally with container-based architecture that ensures security throughout the lifecycle and brings application versions together in seamless real time for your teams.

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Remove obstacles to transformation
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Save thousands of man hours developing your mission-critical applications with Studio. Contact us and we will show you how you can free up valuable resources for higher-value activities.

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Automate the mundane to free up your creativity
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Studio is designed to be a real-time, mission-critical intelligent systems platform that brings out the best in your people and processes. Automating the mundane tasks to free up those creative assets is key.

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If you are modernizing or transforming the development, deployment, and operation of your intelligent systems, register here to schedule a private Studio developer capabilities.

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