DevSecOps for the Intelligent Edge

Wind River® Studio Developer is a modern DevOps platform that accelerates development,deployment, and operation of robust mission-critical embedded systems for the intelligent edge.

Rising Costs and Complexity. Long Development Cycles. Limited Hardware Availability. Isolated Environments. Difficult and Expensive Maintenance.

Wind River Studio Developer is purpose-built to solve the challenges that impede automation and DevSecOps approaches with embedded and intelligent edge applications.

Wind River Studio Developer

Wind River Studio Developer
Studio Pipelines
Studio Virtual Labs
Studio Test Automation
Studio Over-The-Air Updates
Studio Digital Feedback Loop
The Right Tools for the Job

The Right Tools for the Job

Enable teams with an open, extensible platform that supports all the tools and operating systems that maximize their productivity.

Flexible installation options provide control over security and compliance, both in the public cloud and in on-premises infrastructure.

Standardize, Share, Collaborate

Reach market faster, at lower cost, by eliminating duplicated effort and streamlining communication throughout the application lifecycle. Studio Developer provides a common platform where developers, testers, and operators can build and share tools, resources, and configurations instead of each having to build, configure, and maintain their own.

Standardize, Share, Collaborate
The Right Tools for the Job

Shift Left

Streamline release cycles by testing earlier and more often, reducing bottlenecks, and improving utilization of expensive resources. Studio Developer enables graceful sharing of test code, configurations, and simulated and physical devices in automated pipelines and across geographically distributed teams.


Increase automation for more efficient, consistent, and predictable development cycles. Studio Developer enables centralized management of and reliable programmatic access to resources and offers flexible automated pipelines to orchestrate build, test, and deployment of operations at scale.

Standardize, Share, Collaborate
The Right Tools for the Job

Monitor and Maintain

Reduce costs, prevent downtime, and capture new revenue opportunities with advanced analytics and flexible data pipelines that provide continuous visibility into conditions at the edge, even over intermittent links. Improve security and reduce operational costs by deploying updates over the air rather than relying on expensive recalls and service visits.


Achieve shorter development cycles, faster time-to-value, and longer device lifetimes with a more agile development process based on identifying and responding to user needs. Quickly build and deploy a minimum viable product (MVP) and leverage reliable edge connectivity for real-time feedback and A/B testing. Easily deploy updates over the air, improving user satisfaction and lifetime value of deployed devices.

Standardize, Share, Collaborate
Managed Services

Managed Services

Wind River Studio Developer is offered with a set of managed services that leverage the expertise and experience of Wind River’s Professional Services team to accelerate the adoption and integration of Studio Developer, as well as manage cloud infrastructure, operate the environment and maintain the security of the development platform through updates and upgrades.

Use Cases

Maximize Developer Efficiency

Lower development costs, accelerate time-to-market, increase productivity, and improve developer experience by increasing standardization; automation; collaboration; ease of use; consistency; and reuse of resources, configurations, and code.

Shift-Left Testing

Improve quality and predictability, reduce late-stage disruptions, and improve utilization of expensive resources by enabling earlier, more frequent testing with shared, reusable test suites and plans leveraging uniform access to physical and simulated targets in automated workflows.

End-to-End Feedback Loops

Reduce downtime, maintenance, and operational costs with real-time feedback loops between edge and cloud systems. Improving visibility into behavior in the field enables proactive maintenance, increased development agility, and new revenue opportunities.