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Wind River® Studio delivers the only full lifecycle management platform for intelligent systems at digital scale. Studio reengineers development workflows into solution sets that reduce development costs and accelerate capabilities for building, testing, and deploying on the edge.

Modernize as a team
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Studio gives you a continuously updated, fully supported and maintained, cloud-native DevSecOps environment.

  • Cloud-scale development
  • Integrated code management
  • Automated build and test systems
  • Collaborative environment
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Generate digital scale
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Get 24/7 access to all project resources regardless of their time zone or geographic location. Ensure security throughout the lifecycle with a trusted development environment, digital twin/system simulation, and enhanced and hardened runtimes.

  • Secure web-based interface for all developers
  • Automated testing at cloud scale with access to hundreds of virtual hardware targets
  • Leverage the power to simulate and emulate
  • Constant monitoring, maintaining, and updating of the DevSecOps environment and the edge device runtime software
  • Cryptographically sealed forensics source code repo and artifact repo
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Do multiple parallel workflows
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Studio has been architected to easily scale to simultaneously run different projects with multiple operating systems and hardware architectures, all from a single pane of glass.

  • Automated build and test workflows
  • Access to both VxWorks and Wind River Linux as well as BSPs
  • Build SDKs for rapid application development
  • Simulate unlimited complex systems, before deployment
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Interact with a unique web-based interface
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Studio is designed to be a real-time, mission-critical intelligent systems DevSecOps environment that brings out the best in your people and processes. Automate the mundane tasks to free up those creative assets to enable digital transformation of your business.

  • Automated build workflows and templates
  • Quick access to frequently used software assets and tools
  • Tooling to enable automation
  • Digital feedback loops
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If you are modernizing or transforming the development, deployment, and operation of your intelligent systems, register here to schedule a private demo of Studio developer capabilities.

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