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Lifecycle Management 

Full lifecycle management supports a product over its entire evolution, from its introduction through its growth, maturity, and retirement from the market.


With almost 40 years in the business, Wind River® is a global leader in delivering full lifecycle services for any design, across multiple market segments, on every continent. Whether your project starts from a white sheet of paper or is a generational advancement from an already deployed system, our team of experts will partner with you to plan, design, build, optimize, and project manage to successfully achieve all your product lifecycle goals.

No longer do we build once, deploy once, and then leave a product alone. Through cloud-native development, companies will add, deduct, or change functionality and even redirect the very purpose of a device, not once but many times. But lifecycle management to this extent presents new and unknown territory for many companies.

Why are we good at lifecycle management?
With nearly 40 years of deep industry experience, the award-winning Wind River Professional Services team has an unmatched track record of helping our customers build, deploy, and reimagine successful projects at every stage of the product lifecycle.

What makes us unique in lifecycle management?
We offer full lifecycle management for any project with:

A collaborative approach: We listen, understand, and craft a solution with a realistic path forward.

Expertise in all industries: We help deliver high-performance, high-security, high-safety, and certifiable solutions.

A geographically dispersed team: No matter where you are, our experts on the ground and alongside your team can help identify requirements, recommend hardware and software components, build proofs of concept, create custom designs and unique intellectual property, implement low-level technologies, and provide full project management.

Full lifecycle support: We enable IP creation to help you innovate and differentiate; training, educating, and mentoring throughout development and upgrades; code management and maintenance and updating of fielded projects; and premium support through your product’s end of life.

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