The Great Security Disconnect:
Real Implementation Versus Executive Perception

Originally recorded on July 29, 2020

All stakeholders agree that a good security strategy is essential when building an intelligent-edge device. After all, you can’t have a safe product without a good security implementation. Yet, while 70% of executives think their products meet industry benchmarks, 50% of developers believe their products fall short of security requirements.

Join Wind River® Principal Security Architect Arlen Baker as he shares stunning new survey results that show an extreme disconnect between executive perception and the reality of embedded security implementations.

You will learn:
  • The biggest security threats executives and developers are concerned about

  • Who is responsible for implementing security features

  • The roadblocks to securing devices

  • How security breaches are identified and resolved

  • Arlen Baker,
    Principal Technologist for Security,
    Wind River
  • Terry Persun,
    Freelance Science and Technology Writer

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