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Knowledge is power, and power gives your team the confidence to succeed in the fast-changing environment of our digital world.


In embedded development, Wind River® knows that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer training and education programs designed to meet the unique needs of your team and your project. From online learning options to mentoring, we have the level of training that best suits your situation.

Digitally transforming companies invest 3.5 times more on re-skilling their people than do their less successful competitors. Investing in continuous education and training on the latest technologies gives your teams a solid foundation and the grit to tackle the new challenges of building products for the intelligent edge.

Why are we good at education services?
Wind River has the industry’s most comprehensive catalog of training and education services, including industry-specific programs providing all levels of developer support.

What makes us unique in education services?
We offer:

50-plus eLearning courses: We offer multiple online series of video courses, covering VxWorks®, Wind River Linux, Simics®, multi-core, and virtualization.

Learning for all levels: Those new to embedded development can start with beginning courses, while those with more experience can dive in at advanced levels.

Multiple modes of delivery: We offer both on-demand and instructor-led training.

Tailored programs: We have instruction to meet your industry-specific needs.

Consulting capabilities: We have the answers to your specific design questions through our mentoring program.

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