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In a digital world, intellectual property (IP) is exponentially more valuable than ever before, because ideas that deliver efficiency and innovation bring success.


You need to work with a leader with depth, range, and a history of enabling IP development with major companies across a range of industries. Wind River® will help you create the IP that forms the foundation of how you think, design, and deliver for years to come.

In a rapidly evolving, digital-first era, your products must appear, behave, and adjust to their surroundings in new ways. Organizations whose products combine efficiency and performance with innovation have proven 250% more successful than organizations whose products do not. That’s the new IP pathway to success.

Why are we good at IP creation?
Our proven technology and unmatched experience serve as the foundation from which to create new IP and applications for devices and systems at the intelligent edge.

What makes us unique in IP creation?
Decades of experience have taught us that a range of collaborative design tools are necessary for success — and that is exactly what we offer: Our trained experts are skilled at teaching others how to use collaborative design to think outside the box and design and create innovative and differentiated solutions.

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