Intelligent Gateways Require a Robust Software Backbone

Intelligent Gateways Require a Robust Software Backbone


Many organizations that want to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) are looking for efficient ways to connect their existing assets that are already deployed (brown field).  The solution is to build a bridge between these devices and the Internet with what is referred to as a gateway. Even for the new generation of Internet-connected devices, connecting via gateways is the most practical way to achieve scalability and minimize cost.

This week at IDF Shenzen, Intel announced a family of intelligent gateway solutions – the Intel® Gateway Solutions for Internet of Things. Designed to help quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements, these platforms enable companies to connect legacy devices and other systems to the IoT.

Intelligent gateways are critical to addressing legacy systems and the opportunities offered by IoT. Intel, McAfee, and Wind River jointly collaborated on these solutions to provide pre-integrated, pre-configured, and pre-validated hardware and software building blocks for connecting legacy systems to the cloud.

Intelligent gateways perform a vital role in IoT by collecting sensor data at the network edge, then acting as a filter to analyze and normalize the data for sharing through the network and into the cloud. Using a single integrated solution, like the Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT, allows companies to focus resources on what really matters to a business – speeding innovation, protecting investments, and securing data and devices.

An integral part of this solution is Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT, which serves as the software backbone for intelligent gateways. It is a complete software development environment, based on Wind River industry-leading operating systems, providing pre-integrated and fully tested ready-to-use components to secure, manage, and connect intelligent gateways.

Companies have a great deal invested in their current systems, and need not abandon that technology for new IoT solutions. Making the most of the IoT includes extending and protecting the value of existing technology investments.  Are you getting the most from your legacy equipment? If not, we can help!

Wind River continues to push the IoT forward by introducing new products and specifications, and helping manufacturers of embedded systems harness the opportunities created by the IoT. To learn more about how Wind River is addressing these opportunities and challenges, visit