Tomorrow's connected devices will control everything from indoor temperatures to in-dash navigation, from the flow of energy through our cities to the flow of critical healthcare data, unlocking hidden value in unconnected machines and revolutionizing business across entire industries. Connectivity is critical to generating intelligence, but how do you get the valuable data off of legacy equipment without replacing existing infrastructure? Introducing the Intel® IoT Gateway.
Speed Innovation Through Integration

Get the hardware and software building blocks that provide the end-to-end IoT solutions needed to advance compute, communications, manageability, and security.

Protect Legacy Investments

Extend existing infrastructure investments by connecting new and legacy systems, while providing common interfaces and seamless communication between devices and the cloud.

Secure Data and New Opportunities

Securely and seamlessly connect, aggregate, filter, and share data from the edge to the cloud and back with confidence.

See it in action

See how Intel IoT Gateway enabled Daikin Applied to connect its Rebel rooftop HVAC units and deliver data to the cloud.

Gateway development kits include:

  • Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 Series and Atom™ processors
  • Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform, with device security, smart connectivity, and rich network options
  • McAfee Embedded Control 6.1 to monitor and protect data security by dynamically managing whitelists

Intelligent Device Platform XT: Securely Connecting Devices to IoT

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT is a scalable, sustainable, and secure development environment for the development and deployment of IoT gateways and plays an integral role in the Intel IoT Gateway. The platform enables developers to rapidly build secure, enterprise-grade intelligent systems for IoT.

  • Connectivity: Connect any intelligent device from aircraft engines to autonomous vehicles and beyond.
  • Manageability: Maintain and update deployed equipment remotely, extending lifespan and slashing maintenance costs.
  • Security: Verify system integrity at the hardware level to protect critical data throughout the device lifecycle.
  • Run-time environments: Quickly build portable, scalable, and reusable gateway applications for IoT.

IoT Use Cases

Explore ways Wind River is adding intelligence to the Internet of Things.

Adaptive Analytics

Refine operational enterprise processes based on insights gained from analyzing and interpreting vast amounts of data.

Predictive Maintenance

Optimize equipment uptime and performance while reducing the time and labor associated with inspections and preventive maintenance.


Complete power management tasks with finer precision and faster response times, resulting in energy conservation, usage prioritization, and better outage response.


Collect, compile, and analyze precise and objective data on cloud-connected smart devices to improve treatment and services in hospitals, doctors' offices, and homes.

Smart Buildings

Transform and protect the home and office by designing in building automation features such as intelligence, modularity, and security.


Leverage wireless networks and cloud-based control systems to optimize performance and make immediate critical decisions to improve safety and reliability.