Insider’s View: Simics client pays it forward after saving months and millions

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Recently, we had a client come to us and ask us to review a slide deck they were preparing. One team who had already had great success with Wind River Simics was planning to use this deck as part of their pitch to help another team also benefit from using Simics. What we saw in that deck was awesome.

In my job, I look for ways to show how the unique capabilities of Simics addresses the needs that our clients and prospects care about. This video did that in a way that I aspire to. This video shows a great example of how Simics solves very real, and very expensive, problems.

Keep in mind, the PowerPoint presentation was originally presented and narrated in-person giving time to pause, ask questions, and discuss. But with video, you can start and stop anytime you want. So, for the purposes of example and brevity, this video shows a much faster slide progression than was done in real life. A little music was also added for ambiance…

Also, note that some of the graphics are intentionally blurred to mask identity.

So sit back, and enjoy the video above to see what our clients have to say about Simics.