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Welcoming Wind River Studio Developer 24.03

Today I’m really excited to highlight the latest release of version 24.03 of Wind River Studio Developer, an edge-to-cloud DevSecOps platform that accelerates development, deployment, and operation of mission-critical intelligent systems. 

Wind River Studio Developer was created specifically to solve the challenges that prevent adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps practices in projects targeting the intelligent edge.  Existing commercial and open-source DevOps platforms and tools can help teams manage the increasing complexity of development projects, systems, and processes, but they often fail to address domain-specific challenges such as managing access to complex test benches, automating tests at both the system and application level, and building a consistent developer experience for today’s complex multi-vendor technology stacks. 

Studio Developer 24.03 enables users to deliver higher quality, more secure software to market faster, with more standardized and compliant processes, by leveraging cloud-native technologies for elastic, scalable, on-demand development infrastructure that aligns costs with your actual usage. 

An Open, Extensible Platform for Embedded DevSecOps 

Studio Developer improves collaboration by providing a shared, cloud-based, universally accessible platform with standardized tooling interfaces and automation pipelines. Collaborators can easily see the status of projects, and share a common library of tools, tests, hardware resources, and more, with traceability across the entire software lifecycle. With this latest release, Studio Virtual Lab has added support for more complex test benches including set up and tear down actions to orchestrate initialization of multiple connected physical resources. 

Modern organizations use a variety of tools for many reasons. It’s rare to find teams that use a single vendor’s products exclusively. Real-world projects tend to inherit legacy tools and expertise while gradually mixing and matching new technologies to address new needs. Studio Developer is designed to work with any software tool, operating system, container, or middleware -- from any vendor, on any platform – since that’s how development happens in the real world. The latest version of Studio increases that flexibility with more built-in tool containers, an interface for users to containerize their own tools in Studio Developer, and support for both Linux and Windows containers. 

The Studio Developer platform provides a consistent developer experience across these diverse tools, so that users can build reliable workflows while leveraging their expertise, education and experience as well as the best tools for the job at hand. 

In the spirit of meeting developers where they are, Studio Developer also adds support for installation into on-premises infrastructure. We’ve always supported Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, and Studio Developer’s Kubernetes infrastructure can now be deployed on other cloud services as well as on-premises infrastructure. In fact, we recently partnered with AWS to build a showcase at the Santa Clara AWS Prototyping and Innovation Lab

Maximize Value by Accelerating Adoption 

Unfortunately, even the best tools in the world can’t magically establish DevOps and DevSecOps practices in your team. You need to find the right tools to complement your team’s needs and expertise, integrate them into your processes and workflows, while transforming the culture to ensure functions and colleagues collaborate effectively. Integration and customization will always be required, and each organization needs to budget resources for tool integration and maintenance. 

Many DevOps initiatives have failed to successfully bridge the gap between intention and adoption, with teams giving up because the changes are too disruptive. That’s why Wind River offers Professional Services alongside Studio Developer. Our expertise and experience enable us to quickly understand your team’s needs, integrate your favorite tools into Studio Developer, and ensure rapid adoption of the platform with minimal disruption. We can train your team in development and testing best practices to further improve their capabilities. 

Studio Developer introduces managed services for teams that prefer to focus on delivering innovation rather than installing and managing the development infrastructure. Our managed services offering provides a simple way to leverage our experts to build and manage your cloud infrastructure and continue to operate and maintain the environment. Wind River Professional Services has a lot of experience managing Studio Developer environments, and with Studio Managed Services we emphasize high availability and rapid remediation of vulnerabilities by applying updates and upgrades to the development platform as quickly as possible. 

Wind River Studio Developer Achievements

It is wonderful to see industry leading organizations such as Hyundai Mobis and a leading automation company entrusting their DevSecOps goals to Wind River Studio Developer. Global mobility leader Aptiv has achieved from 20% to 40% workflow performance improvements in its software building and scanning processes with Studio Developer. The improvements in Studio Developer promise to enable similar benefits in other organizations and projects. It’s gratifying and humbling to help these organizations lower embedded software lifecycle costs, shorten time to market, accelerate innovation, and capture new revenue opportunities.

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About the author

Jon Jarboe is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Wind River