Don’t Miss Wind River at Quad A

It’s an exciting time to be at the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit, commonly known as Quad A. As the US Department of Defense continues building momentum toward operationalizing Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control (CJADC2), the need to add intelligence at the near and far edge – sensor data collection, AI processing, uncrewed systems collaboration, advanced weaponry and defenses is becoming a critical path itemPrograms such as the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA), as part of the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) ecosystem, accelerate these advanced platforms and avionics systems adoption in vertical lift cockpits. These new platforms, and the underpinning technologies, will be on display at Quad A. 

With so much as stake, business as usual won’t do for FLRAA. The bar has been set high, both for technologies employed and the vendors delivering them: proven, MOSA-compliant, certifiable technologies, such as a virtualization platforms that support SWaP constraints and legacy software reuse goalsAnd future-proof, safe and secure real-time operating systems, and certifiable time sensitive networking enablement, all from a trusted vendor with a decades-long heritage of delivering mission-critical systems on time, on budget, and in scope. 

Wind River will exhibit in booth 2518 this year, demonstrating our leading foundational and certifiable technologies, in this case Helix Virtualization Platform on Intel Architecture, as well as Wind River Studio Developer, our DevSecOps platform for accelerating development, deployment, and operations of mission-critical systems. We’ll show how the newest release of Wind River Studio enables rapid development, iteration, testing, and deployment using the DOD enterprise DevSecOps reference design, OCI-compliant containers supporting Kubernetes, and proven DevOps technologies that Wind River has specifically enabled for mission-critical embedded development.  

If you’ll be at the 2024 Quad A, you can request an appointment to visit us here or feel free to stop by the booth. We have a lot to discuss! 


About the author

Tim Fahey

Tim Fahey is a Senior Product Marketing Line Manager at Wind River