Real-Time Operating System for the Intelligent Edge

VxWorks is a high-performance real-time operating system (RTOS) for the development of robust mission-critical embedded systems for the intelligent edge.

Real-Time Operating System for the Intelligent Edge

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High performance, scalability, and determinism

Proven safety, security, and reliability

Reduced cost and time-to-market

VxWorks® enables the cost-effective development of the most advanced real-time systems, significantly reducing time-to-market and driving innovation, new business, and revenue.

The World’s Most Trusted RTOS

VxWorks is the only RTOS backed by a DevSecOps solution, enabling:

  • Lower embedded software lifecycle costs and shorter time-to-market
  • Standardization of development tooling and processes and increased automation and collaboration
  • Improved visibility between edge and cloud systems

VxWorks is the first and only RTOS that supports embedded software deployment using OCI container technology, enabling:

  • Standardization of tools
  • Acceleration of product iterations
  • Automation of the software pipeline to remove manual errors

VDC Research has ranked VxWorks as the #1 RTOS for mission-critical real-time systems.

When it matters, it runs on VxWorks

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The Edge of Performance

The Edge of Performance

Intelligent edge devices increasingly demand high-performance compute capability, scaling to multiple processor cores without incurring operating system overhead and while maintaining low latency. This is particularly important with the adoption of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) for data processing at the edge. VxWorks provides the performance level needed, plus efficient implementation using AI/ML extensions including TensorFlow Lite for machine learning models and Python-based libraries (Pandas and NumPy) for data manipulation.

Efficient communication between components and modules is also crucial to the performance of mission-critical systems. VxWorks supports Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), guaranteeing deterministic real-time delivery of time-sensitive data.

Scales with Demand

As well as the increasing number of cores, advances in silicon technology also bring new processor architectures. Our extensive and growing list of supported boards for Arm®, Intel, and others means less time searching for compatible components and more time developing revenue-generating products.

Edge computing systems increasingly scale to support mixed-criticality use cases. Isolating safety and non–safety-critical functions from each other is essential. Wind River® Helix Virtualization Platform, which has a true Type 1 hypervisor, allows VxWorks and other guest operating systems to meet the demands of mixed criticality.

Scales with Demand
Proven Security and Functional Safety

Proven Functional Safety

Achieving functional safety certification is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking regardless of the industry. VxWorks certification evidence enables development teams to achieve cost-effective certification to a wide range of standards, allowing them to focus on the code they build, not the tooling.​

More than 600 functional safety certifications projects have been completed to date, spanning aerospace and defense (DO-178C DAL A, EUROCAE ED-12C, ARINC 653), industrial automation (IEC 61508 ASIL-3), medical (IEC 62304 Class C), and automotive (ISO 26262 ASIL-D).​

We are industry leaders in certification.

Superior by Design

With a focus on performance and security from the outset, VxWorks — with its proven, highly optimized kernel design — offers a deterministic solution with single-nanosecond latency, satisfying the hard real-time responsiveness demanded by the most stringent industry use cases.​

Wind River supports a secure development lifecycle (SDL) across our products that is enforced by policy and implemented with processes and procedures, as defined by the NIST SP800-218 Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) standard.​

VxWorks is backed by Wind River Security Center for CVE tracking and mitigation.

Standardize, Share, Collaborate
The Edge of Performance

Redefining Time-to-Market

Next-generation embedded systems teams demand IT-like tooling and methodologies that enable a “shift left” approach, with software testing earlier in the lifecycle. VxWorks is available for the AWS Graviton EC2 system, allowing developers to test their final binaries without needing a costly or difficult-to-procure board on their desk. Additionally, out-of-the box QEMU hardware emulation is supported across all processor architectures.​

Secure, efficient software deployment and updates are table stakes for the intelligent edge. VxWorks is the only RTOS that supports OCI containers and container orchestration with Kubernetes — helping remove manual errors, standardize tools, and accelerate the rate of product iterations.​

Embedded systems development is increasingly embracing DevSecOps. Wind River Studio Developer supports the creation and provisioning of VxWorks-based systems, maximizing developer efficiency and enabling faster time-to-market.

VxWorks: Modern, Future-Proof, and Always Real-Time

Meet the VxWorks RTOS

VxWorks Safety Platforms

VxWorks makes it easier and more cost-effective for technology suppliers to meet the stringent safety certification requirements of EN 50128, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, DO-178C, and ED-12C.

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