Intel Simics:
Full System Simulation

With Simics you can simulate anything, chip to system, giving you a path to DevOps and Continuous Integration and Deployment.

Deliver Better Software Faster

Intel® Simics® is a full-system simulator used by software developers to simulate the hardware of complex electronic systems.

Simics allows on-demand and easy access to any target system, more efficient collaboration between developers, and more efficient and stable automation. With Simics you can adopt new development techniques that are simply not possible with physical hardware, enabling you to deliver better software faster.

Intel and Simics are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

Do DevOps Better

High-performing DevOps teams can deploy 106x faster than their lower-performing peers, according to a 2019 DORA/Google Cloud survey. Watch this to learn how simulation can help you level up your DevOps practices.

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Simics for Digital Twin

Wind River customers have used Simics for their digital twins for more than 20 years. Learn from our experience how to get the most from your digital twin projects.

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Seven Development Tasks Simics Makes Better

By offering a virtual alternative to physical hardware, Simics greatly increases engineering efficiency, lowers development costs, and makes new Agile approaches possible.

From experimenting and testing to configuration and communication—learn the seven key ways Wind River customers are using Simics to improve a host of tasks within their embedded software development processes.

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Supported Platforms and Targets

See our extensive Simics model library that makes creating a custom model of virtually any hardware system quick and easy.

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