Digital Twin

Wind River Studio cloud-native simulation platforms allow you to create simulated digital twins of highly complex real-world systems for automated testing and debugging of complex problems.

Digital twins enable remote development teams to innovate, share test assets, and collaborate.

Deploy device software to high-performance, cloud-native simulation platforms in Wind River® Studio for testing in all phases of development, from unit testing to system-level testing and debugging. This cloud-native environment provides ubiquitous access and almost unlimited resources to execute simulation technology at scale.


Create digital twins of complex systems and speed software development using cloud-scale simulation to test an almost unlimited set of deployment scenarios.

See how to create digital twins to enable software development and system testing in your DevOps environment.

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Better collaboration

Get access to targets through simulation, even before hardware is available, while sharing tools, data, and assets for efficient cross-functional teams.

Unlimited access

Studio enables a virtual alternative access to physical hardware, greatly increasing engineering efficiency and lowering your overall product lifecycle costs through automation, from prototyping and development to deployment and maintenance.

Advanced debugging and testing

Debug complex problems using high-fidelity simulated devices to replicate and automate with fuzz testing, pen testing, and parallel testing. Perform fault-injection testing without destroying the hardware.

Wind River Studio Simulation Ecosystem

QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.

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Simics Device Modeling Language is open source technology that provides a powerful modeling language for Simics simulation models.

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The Perfect Project

Do you dream of executing a perfect project? This paper will show you how by piecing together real-life experiences of Simics customers.

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