The Perfect Project

How software is developed and delivered affects the bottom line at most industry companies. Software now represents the bigger value contribution, and offers the possibility to differentiate your product from the competition. So how software gets developed, and how it gets delivered, are no longer isolated questions for the engineering department—they are executive staff questions that affect the company’s bottom line. Software development practices are undergoing dramatic changes. Continuous and Agile practices are used everywhere, all for the better. But inefficiencies are still huge in the embedded technology industry, and changes are slow. It doesn’t have to be this way. Using Wind River® Simics® for system simulation allows access to target systems, tools for collaboration across teams, and new possibilities for automating what is not feasible in the “physical” world—all of which means that Simics enables the fundamentals of Agile practices. In this paper we will detail how providing access, collaboration, and automation have achieved the following:

  • Cut debug time by 35%
  • Saved thousands of man hours in development
  • Shortened bring-up time from 22 weeks to 24 days
  • Helped companies get to market 20% faster
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